Climbing Mountains…

SAMSUNG CSCThis past weekend my husband came home for a couple days, and it was such a gorgeous fall day that he suggested we go for a little walk. Now here is what you need to know about him…when he suggests a little probably will turn into more of an adventure that tests my physical and mental limits than just a little walk.

We had seen signposts for a forest service road and had heard about a hike and wanted to check it out, so this seemed like the perfect time to do so. We drove the several kilometres to the trailhead and got out of the car to see where it started. Hubby sighted some large hydro poles on the top of a lookout on the small mountain we we looking at, and decided we needed to get to those poles in order for us to get the best viewpoint. I said that we should take the trail to the left of us, but he said we should go over the rather steep looking hill ahead of us to reach that point. Who was I to argue…right??

I soon began to second-guess this decision as the climb was steep in places with lots of loose  and mossy covered rocks to climb over and around. At one point I was getting whipped in the face by branches from bushes, and of course the bugs were biting like crazy. Then the climb became even steeper, as we got closer to the area where we wanted to be. My bum toe was beginning to hurt, and it was getting harder to breathe. It was not fun anymore, but hard work. I kept looking ahead to how much farther we had to climb, and how impossible this hike had become and complained to my hubby that I didn’t think I could do this anymore. His answer to me was to tell me that I could do this, and that he would help me every step of the way..he was here for me and would help me do this. He literally motivated me to the top of that mountain.

We came across the top of the other trail once we reached the top of the lookout, and had to laugh. Here we had climbed up the harder way to get to the top, and there was an easier way. Sometimes life is like that. So was I mad that we had done it the hard way? No, and here is why..


This hike taught me some important lessons that I don’t want to forget. First of all it taught me that sometimes life throws us challenges that look impossible to overcome. When you look at that mountain, you think you can never get to the top. Secondly it taught me that the hard work and effort that I put in to climb to the top was worth it. The view was incredible up there, and knowing that you took the harder way made you feel like you accomplished something special. Thirdly it taught me that when your hubby says he wants to just go for a little walk, you better bring your hiking boots and be prepared for adventure, but lastly you it taught me something about my relationship with Jesus.

When I am looking at those seemingly impossible mountains to climb, God is there guiding me and telling me to take it one step at a time, and that I can overcome anything with his help. He reassures me that I can do it with His help along the way. He reminds me not to focus on the Mountain ahead, but simply focus on the step ahead.




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Life has a way of changing, and sometimes at a very rapid pace. This last year has been one of those years. God brought an amazing man into my life who loves me dearly, and we just recently got married. I had to wait a long time to find somebody who truly loves me, encourages me, and supports me, but it was worth the wait. Sometimes it feels a bit like I am living in a whirlwind, because of all the new changes, but God has been there every step of the way. Not only did we move to a new town, but I started a new job too. I am now a Process Server, and love the challenges and adventures it brings. Life is not perfect, and some days I wonder how I am going to face those insurmountable mountains that come across my path, but I know that God is guiding our family through each leg of this journey. I wake up everyday saying thank-you for what God has done for us.


My Rollercoaster Life..

Do you ever have weeks where you feel like you are on a roller coaster? That was what my week was like. I have had bad days where it looked like there was simply no possible solution for a problem I was facing, to days where God answered prayers left and right. One moment I am thanking God for blessing me, and the next crying out to him for mercy for a loved one.

You just never know when the next challenge is going to hit you, and some days I am more prepared than others. Case in point the other day when I was having my morning coffee and reading my thing you know your daughter is texting you that her boyfriend and his brother have been in a bad ATV accident, and she is worried about him. Not what I expected to happen that day, but for some reason I remained calm and asked her if she would like to be picked up so we could go visit in the hospital. Even though I was imagining a million scenarios of what would happen, God calmed me and I just prayed.

On the flip side I had a day where I went into a meeting feeling calm and thinking everything would be all right, and at the end of it crying out to God because it looked like a huge overwhelming mountain.

So what was the difference do you ask?

One situation was handled by keeping my eyes focused on Jesus, and the other was not. I have days where I fail miserably at that, but I keep going back to God and asking for more faith, and asking for His help in trusting that He really has it all under control.

Psalm 118:8“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

Proverbs 3:5“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

In case your wondering, her boyfriend is home and recovering from surgery to his ankle. Please keep him and his brother in prayer as they recover. It is a miracle that they are still here today.

A friend shared this on facebook today, and I thought it was so important that I had to share this. If you are thinking of getting married, make sure you choose wisely, otherwise you are in for much unnecessary heartache. It Matters Whom You Marry | THE CHRISTIAN PUNDIT

Here’s the video I was talking about in my previous post. Such a powerful song. Watch “Hawk Nelson: Words [Official Lyric Video]” on YouTube

Today God brought to my attention the importance of the words we use through this blogpost, and hearing a song on Sirius satellite with the name “Words”. How we speak to people can have a lasting impact on their lives. Elisabeth Klein Corcoran: Words


Have not blogged in so long. So much has happened since fall. I moved back to the Kootenays to be near my daughter, and she started living part time with me again. I met a wonderful man who has helped me through this difficult time. My daughter moved out of her father’s place at Christmas due to his unstable behaviour. He finally hit rock bottom and accepted help. They are gradually rebuilding a relationship with God’s help. I have started back at my old job with a raise.

There is so much I can be thankful for. God has truly been faithful through this process. Praise be his holy name!